The church of San Giacomo of Rialto is supposedly the oldest church in Venice, said to have been founded in the early 5th century, at the foundation of Venice itself. Among its many architectural curiosities, are a rare brick dome and a 15th century 24-hour clock on the façade. This whole Rialto area we are exploring is the market space of Venice, which is still active today. Campo san Giacometto here is where Venetian bankers, money-changers and insurance brokers would do their deals, probably including figures like Shakespeare’s Shylock form the Merchant of Venice. On the side opposite the church you’ll see a column encircled in a romboid-shaped fence; this is the Gobbo di Rialto, the kneeling Hunchback of Rialto supporting a pedistal on his head; and from here, in the past, a spokesman would stand to announce the new laws of the Republic. Also, people condemned of a crime would begin their painful procession from Piazzetta San Marco would end their capital punishment here among the jeering crowd.